App Show 36: Coding a High Scores Board in HTML5 for Windows 8
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 26.11.2012 0
In this App Show I take the full show to walk us though HTML5 code for creating a locally stored high scores leader board. I walk you thru his javascript and demos a game using the high score feature. Note: Full blog and code examples available from this blog post:
HTML5 High Scores Board for WinRT and Desktop Ultrabook apps
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 23.10.2012 3
One neat thing about HTML5 is the ability to store data locally, and a common use for that is creating a high score board for your game.  The following is how I recently deployed this.  This code is working in my WinRT app however it could be done in a pure HTML5 app running for PC desktop by sim...
App Show 32: Enabling New Experiences, Day 1 IDF 2012
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 05.10.2012 1 Bob and Rhonda are together again to host the Intel App Show at IDF 2012.  In this episode they review the keynote, looking at a variety of new Ultrabook form factors, futuristic speech and gesture inputs, NFC credit card payments via Ultrabooks, and a new Perceptual ...
Ultimate Coder Winner - Sagar Wins with Shufflr
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 05.10.2012 10
Our Winner: Sagar - Shufflr:  After 6 weeks of competition, Sagar and their app Shufflr came out on top. The Althea team was aggressive with high hopes of adding new features. But each week they hit roadblocks, and none of us were certain exactly where they landed. However when it came to testing...
HTML5 to WinRT with Ultrabook Sensor Input
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 28.09.2012 2
In a previous post I explained how adding sensors to HTML5 app is possible in Desktop mode but not yet supported. You can get it to work with a Google extension.  Read this post. for more information. H...
Adding Ultrabook Sensor Control To HTML5 Apps
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 18.09.2012 6
Ultrabooks running Windows 8 with touch and sensor capabilities are soon to hit the market and for those of you developing HTML5 applications, you will be able to add these features to your applications.  Currently we are waiting for these sensor features to be added to the HTML5 standard, but in...
Developers Take Focus for IDF2012
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 14.09.2012 0
I see things from Developer lens, it is my job after all. However this was my 5th IDF and I have to say this year more than others, the software developer was a focus of the event.  The following is my experience and journey at IDF with evidence and perspective of the software developer being a c...
Ultimate Coder Week 3: Criticism Turns to Respect While Favorites Emerge
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 03.09.2012 0
Week 3 has us mid-way through the developers’ work and we are seeing some struggle, and some find their way. A lot is still to happen and from the Intel side I can say we really have had no idea what situation these developers would be in; whether we’d get any apps completed or if these apps would be done within a week’s time. As the judges express this week, this is the real deal, none of these developers are not taking the easy way out. For some the decisions and paths have worked out well, and for others there have been roadblocks. But we are only half way through with a lot more work to happen as the work and polish is put on these apps. One thing is for certain this week; the judges are seeing these developers in a new light and they are starting to connect with the work and efforts. Here’s a break down of week three.
App Show 30: AppMobi for AppUp Ultrabook apps
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 24.08.2012 2 Bob and Daniel give us an early look at AppMobi App packaging solution for HTML5, now compatible with AppUp and Ultrabook devices. AppMobi lets HTML5 developers package, optimize and test apps for multiple devices and stores. This is now available for A...
Ultrabook Ultimate Coder Week 2: Gaps in tech initiate restarts and innovation
Von Bob Duffy (Intel) Veröffentlicht am 24.08.2012 0
I have to remind myself that Week 2 is actually the end of Week 1, and with that it is a bit mind boggling these developers are already deep into the tech after 1 week. We are already learning a lot from these projects. Any developer considering an Windows 8 project should certainly tune in. Ther...