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Tencent Optimizes an Illegal Image Filtering System

27. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

Tencent, China's largest and most used Internet service portal, was able to double the speed of its illegal image filter system using SIMD Instruction Set and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives. And you can learn all about it in a new case study.

Mesh Commander v0.2.3 Released

24. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare


24. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

SUMMARY: Pedometer is used to monitor the steps of human, dogs or any other we wish to use.This shows how to make a pedometer that counts a person’s steps. It uses a Xadow – Edison  Board, Xadow – OLED 0.96”, Xadow – 3-Axis Accelerometer and Xadow – Buzzer. The   OLED screen will display the step…

Simple obstacle avoidance Robot

24. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

  SUMMARY: This project is about a simple obstacle avoiding robot using INTEL EDISON.Robotics is an exciting and fun hobby that has become very affordable in recent years.Lets do it.

How Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors Benefit Machine Learning/Deep Learning Apps and Frameworks

20. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

Machine learning can take very large amounts of data to predict possible outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. The second-generation Intel® Xeon Phi processor has the processor performance and memory bandwidth to address complex machine learning applications.

Code Modernization boosted by Knights Landing

16. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

Nothing motivates my programming more than cool new hardware. Code named Knights Landing, the latest Intel® Xeon Phi™ product is a processor, with up to 72 cores, gives Code Modernization exactly that boost that gets my blood flowing!

The Fast and Furious GPU

15. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

Many existing applications may be running optimally on CPUs but still not taking advantage of the full range of capabilities Intel has to offer. Today’s generation of computers have a heterogeneous architecture with a GPU having fixed-function video processing as well as general-purpose EUs for…

Faster random number generation in Intel® Distribution for Python*

15. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

The update 1 of the Intel® Distribution for Python* 2017 Beta introduces numpy.random_intel, an extension to numpy which closely mirrors the design of numpy.random and uses Intel® MKL's vector statistics library to achieve significant performance boost. Unlocking the performance benefits is as…

IoT Development Made Easy on IBM* Cloud

14. Juni 2016 | 0 Kommentare

Now professional developers can quickly deploy solutions with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and IBM Watson* IoT on IBM Cloud* June 17th - Intel and IBM are collaborating to provide professional developers with a complete set of development tools for IoT from edge to cloud. Begin your innovation…