Amplifier and Java memory

Amplifier and Java memory


I am using Vtune Amplifier XE 2013.

I want to profile a C++ application which also issues some java calls within the target functionality. However, the java calls are not the performance problem. As the java actions use some java memory there is an initial check which ensures that enough java memory is available (here 1024m). As soon as the VTune Amplifier is attached to the C++ application and I perform a hotspot analysis, the above mentioned check fails (without running VTune there is no such problem at all).

Has anyone an idea why this is the case and what can be done to have both (Vtune and the C++ application) working as expected?

Remark: If a lightweight analysis is performed, it works, however the results from that can not really be used for the performance analysis. This is the reason why I need to perform a hotspot analysis.



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 >>>As the java actions use some java memory >>>

What do you mean by writing "java memory"?

I suppose that you are referring to heap memory allocated by OS to jvm.dll.

Yes, this is what I meant (sorry for being too imprecise).



You may add option "-run-pass-thru=-no-altstack" to profile. Thus, hotspots analysis will not consume memory from the space of target application, it is worth to try.

Thank you very much for that hint!

Sorry that I have to ask again: Where (and how) would I add such an option?



For example, use "amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -run-pass-thru=-no-altstack -target-pid PID"

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