Meaning of assertion?

Meaning of assertion?


We're observing this assertion causing our software to crash -
../unix-c.c:546: cilk assertion failed: p != MAP_FAILED

Can anyone shed some light on what this might mean? We suspect the process might be running out of memory, but obviously no std::bad_alloc C++ exception is being thrown.

[Edit] I should add that this was built using the initial release of the 12.0 'XE' compiler, running on Win XP.

Daniel Faken

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Hi Daniel,

Pablo, Barry and I have been discussing it - it definitely looks like it's caused by running out of memory. Is it possible you could update to Composer XE 2011 update 3 at some point - I'm not recommending this quite yet because I'm unsure it will address anything but wanted to get a gauge on how tied you are to the compiler you're using.

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