Where are documents in PDF format for Parallel Studio XE ?

Where are documents in PDF format for Parallel Studio XE ?

I installed Parallel Studio XE just now with the following file

Problem is that I can not find documents in PDF format in the "documentation" folder.
Does it mean that manuals in PDF are now included in setup package?
Or I just looked for them in wrong folder?

Looking forward to your help.

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Hi Ximbo,

There is html documentation provided within the package. It can be accessed from Windows* start menu in Intel Parallel Studio XE folder -> documentation.
In program filesthis documentaion for C compiler is located in:



Please look here, you can find there the pdf and html formats for all PS's components.

HI Kirill,

Thanks for the answer.
Somehow I like to have a help file in PDF format. Kind of easy to use IMHO.

If it is possible, pls do consider to supply manual in PDF format in future.



Thanks for the feedback, we'll take it into account.


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