Parallel Studio loading by default in Visual Studio

Parallel Studio loading by default in Visual Studio

Hi all,When I installed Parallel studio, I selected to add integration to Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. My company only has a few floating licenses for Parallel Studio, so I would prefer to only use it when needed (through the Intel Parallel Studio > Parallel Studio with VS in the Windows start menu). But the Intel tools are present in my VS toolbar even when I launch regular Visual Studio. Does this mean that I'm eating up my company's licenses whenever I run Visual Studio? If so, how can I remove the integrated Parallel Studio from my standard Visual Studio environment?

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An Intel Parallel Studio licenses is consumed only if you use one of it's components(selecting the Intel Compiler for compilation, displaying an analysis with the Intel VTune Amplifier XE or running an analysis with the Intel Inspector XE). Just starting Visual Studio or not using any Parallel Studio component within Visual Studio doesn't consume a Parallel Studio license.
Does this help?
Regards, Hubert.

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