First Oops with Beta

First Oops with Beta

I just installed the beta. My first use was to go to the VS9 Projects Menu and select Intel Parallel Compose | Build Component Selection. The open project already uses TBB, so I changed the ListBox selection to Yes (Why isn't this a checkbox?)and tried to rebuild. I got a link error. Upon investigation, I discovered that the line

"C:\Program Files\Intel\TBB\2.1\ia32\vc9\lib\tbb_debug.lib"

had been changed to the lines:

"C:\Program Files\Intel\TBB\2.1\ia32\vc9\lib"


which doesn't work. Changing back fixed the error.

Now I just have to downconvert my .net GUI to MFC so I can have a native code program and try out the rest of the tools. Or perhaps I should just turn my computational code into a .DLL and leave the GUI in .net. Votes?

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Not sure if the problem is related to existing project. I'll take a look.
About the GUI question,I'd vote for MFC of cause.But you can use the .NET GUI with native DLL as well. Note that ourParallel Studio supports native code only.

This issue is fixed in the Intel Parallel Composer release. Please get the eval from .


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