Valid Licence for "old" Parallel Studio also valid for new 2011

Valid Licence for "old" Parallel Studio also valid for new 2011

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I bought a student licence for Intel Parallel Studio(PS) and now I'm asking if I can use it further for PS 2011 and if I receive a product update for PS 2011?

This is very important, because I'm still shifted to Visual Studio 2010 and now I would not go back to VS 2008 but I need Parallel Studio and as I'm a student, even student licence is expensive for me.

Currently I'm testing PS 2011 beta. It's very nice to have PS in VS 2010 now.


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Thanks much for your help in testing PS beta. Also, I'll get back to you on your question as soon as I get a response from Marketing on your question. Or someone from Marketing will answer this also. Appreciate much for your patience till then.


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If you own Parallel Studio 2010 you willbe able to download afree update to Parallel Studio 2011. :-)

- Dick Kaiser
Product Marketing Manager

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