Why there is no amplxe-gui

Why there is no amplxe-gui

I downloaded the evaluate version of C studio Xe 11for linux(c_studio_xe_2011_sp1_update1_ia32.tgz), but after installed the suite, there is no amplxe-gui under bin32, only amplxe-cl. anyone knows why? thanks

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It should install the amplxe-gui component too. When you installed the package did the install complain on some missing prerequisites or did you select skip option? Can you please let us know what system & OS did you install this on?

Hi Yu Lei,
Again, if you think you didn't see any message on missing prerequisites then please attach the install log file so our install folks can do further investigation. You should find the install log file in the /tmp firectory with the following format in filename: intel.pset.._.log

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