License request

License request

Dear intel community,

i was wondering where i can request a license for the intel compiler and vtune for linux, because i understood it can be requested for educational purposes (i work at a university).

Thanks in advance!

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Dear Dan,

You can get an evaluation version for 30 days to try any product you want.

Visit this page and select the package you want, then just click Try and proceed

with the instructions.

You can also get a free 1 year non-commercial license. It means you are not getting compensated

in any form for the products and services you develop using these Intel Software Development Products.

Please visit Non-Commercial Software Development Center for requesting non-commercial license for Intel Software Development Products.

If you are getting compensated in any form, you need to purchase an Academic license - in this case it is better

to contact your local reseller to order the product you need.



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