where to find linux versions

where to find linux versions

I received a download link for Intel Parallel Studio 2011, but the link is for a windows installation only.
I need to install it on RedHat 6.3, and can't find a link to the linux downloads.

I see linux questions in the forums, so there must be a linux version.
I must be missing something in the download area, but I just can't find access to the linux versions.
Any help would be appreciated.


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There are differentdownloads for the Windows and Linux versions. I would suggest that you contact the person(s) that sent you the download link and request the same for Linux as they would need to take action to provide you access to it.


Hi Chris,
Were you able to contact the reseller or the person who sent you the download link like Greg mentions? I assume your issue as resolved since I haven't heard from you. Please let me know otherwise, appreciate much.

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