Run-time error control

Run-time error control

Dear Linux Intel Fortran users,

Sorry if it is a FAQ...

Is there a way to control the behaviour of the Fortran
run-time in presence of an error.

Here is the purpose of my question: I am debugging a
large application with the "-C" checking option.
Each time an error is detected, the execution stops and I have to correct the error and resubmit.

It would be more convenient if I could, still while having the error message, continue execution to collect as many errors as possible before recompiling,


Jean-Marie Teuler

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I'm not aware of anything specific to the -C runtime checking, (except for -d[n] to control the diagnostic level). What sort of error are we talking about? Continuing after an addressing-type error doesn't necessarily make much sense.
There is a -WB option to convert array out-of-bounds errors to warnings, but I suspect that is only at compile time, not runtime.


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