Xfree86 Problem

Xfree86 Problem


I Am A New User For Linux.I Am Very Much Interested In Breaking The Shacles.But When I Tried To Install Linux I Came Across Some Problems.
I Am Using An Asus MOB With NVIDIA GeForce Mx(2) And A Creative SBLive Value!.When I Tried Redhat 8.0 On My System It Failed To Detect My Monitor(That Is A Syncmaster 763DFX From Samsung).I Insatlled EveryThing On Text Mode.But When The System Rebooted I Got A Blank Scree.
None Of The Configuration Methods Worked.But The Thing Was, When I Tried With Redhat 7.3, It Atleast Installed Every Thing In The Perfect GUI Mode..But Final Result Was The Same.Since I Am A Rookie ,,I Don't Know What To Do I Expect The Sen's From The Community Whi Help Me Out.
Hoping For A Reply And Solution

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Welcome to the Intel Fortran for Linux forum. However, this forum is specifically for issues relating to the Intel Fortran compiler, and is not a general Linux resource. I would suggest one of the Linux-related newsgroups - or perhaps others could suggest good resources.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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