Cmndline args with CreateProcess

Cmndline args with CreateProcess

I'm trying to spawn the MS-DOS Editor with CreateProcess. How do I include the argument 'edit' in my call to CreateProcess? The MS-DOS Editor is normally opened by typing 'edit' at the DOS command prompt.

This is my code:
bret = CreateProcess(NULL, ''C, NULL, NULL,
NULL, NULL, loc(si), loc(pi))

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Try replacing with


Any particular reason why you want to use that editor?

I would suggest instead using ShellExecute and the "Edit" verb. (However, you can't wait for the editor to finish this way.)


Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks guys.

Steve, my boss likes the MS-DOS Editor to create formatted input files for his Fortran console applications. It's a little old-school, but he's the boss. :)

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