Fortran Dll and Delphi Interface...

Fortran Dll and Delphi Interface...


I have a program in Fortran and made an interface in Delphi.
I changed my exe fortran program in a Dll. And don't use Fortran Win application. A Delphi dialog call the Dll...
But the Dll takes a long time to finish and the main program don't answer. How I do to cancel Dll and to return of the main program in Delphi? The users need that option... I thought in putting a button CLOSE in the dialog that would kill Dll but with Delphi is without answer...
Is a problem that I should solve in the Delphi or in Fortran?

I Have a CVF Ed. 6.01A and Delphi 6.0

I search for this question in a Net, but is hard to find...

Apologize my "translator English"... ^_^


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Take a look at my ThreadDlg sample. It's pure Fortran but it illustrates the principle in a simple way.



Thank you very much Jugoslav! ^_^

I will study this code.

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