Write multi-line text to an Edit Box

Write multi-line text to an Edit Box

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I am trying to write a matrix into a single Edit box. How do I get a carriage return so that I can print more than one line?
I also tried the Rich Edit Box, but I can't get it to work, and can't find any instructions.

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Double-click on the edit box at design time, select ?styles? in the ?Edit properties? pup-up menu and mark ?Multiline?.


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First you have to give the edit box multi-line (ES_MULTILINE) style. If I recall correctly, when writing into the edit box lines should be terminated with CHAR(13)//CHAR(10). (Or maybe 13-13-10). You may also consider ES_WANTRETURN style if you want the contents to be editable.

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Just 13-10 (CR-LF) as line separators.


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