QuickWin Tab Example

QuickWin Tab Example

Dear CVF6.6A customer
I want to use a tab control in QuickWin type project.
1. As program ShowFont is the example of Windows type. of Tab dialog, I can not reference this. Please send me some examples of use in QickWin using Tab control?
2. In "use of dialog" users guide, it is, saying "DLGMODELESS will be called about the tab dialog box of each if it is among the DLG_INIT call-back of the dialog box containing the tab control and callbacktype becomes DLG_INIT", what does it carry out in QuickWin?
DLGMODELESS is able to use in Windows type, isnt it?

Best regards,
Ken Oka 2002.5.17

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You can use tabbed dialogs in QuickWin as well (with DFLOGM) - the only clause is that the main dialog is modal. See item "Using Tab controls" in Programmer's guide.

As for second part, I guess you meant:

iRet = DlgInit(IDD_TABBED, MainDlg)
!This is the DLG_INIT callback
iRet = DlgSetSub(MainDlg, IDD_TABBED, OnMainDlgInit)
iRet = DlgModal(MainDlg)
SUBROUTINE OnMainDlgInit(Dlg, ID, iEvent)
!TODO put here DlgModeless calls for child dialogs 
!as in Programmer's guide

Vasious issues about tabbed dialogs were discussed here and in old Forum. One of them was that tab key does not work correctly. See one resolution for that here.



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