How to use VTune to test Fortran programs?

How to use VTune to test Fortran programs?

I'm a newer using VTune™ Amplifier XE, I have successfully measured the performance of Java and C programs with Vtune.  But I encountered a problem when I try to use Vtune to run a Fortran program the same way as running C in order to analyze the hotspots. It says that the result is empty so it can't be collected. I just pass the Fortran program as the running application without parameters, just the same way like testing C. Did I miss sth.? Or my way wrong?Implore for guidance. Thanks a lot.

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There is no any difference to run C program & Fortran program.

Probably your program ran shorty and you used hotspots data collection. Please add more *traffic" in your Fortran code (that was why the result is empty) or use lightweight-hotspots instead.

Good Luck. 

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