Leor Zahavi : Windows 7 error

Leor Zahavi : Windows 7 error

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Hello Friends,

Myself Leor zahavi I brought a new laptop and using it in
Vista without any sort of problem so far. Just recently, I intalled Windows 7,
wichautomaticallyset up the new driver .

My issue is:-
In Vista I get 128Mb of VRAM and 230MB in 'shared memory'.
In Windows 7, where I was looking to be albe to run better games, I only get 64Mb of VRAM

Hope somebody will help me. Thanks
Leor zahavi
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in this forum, software developers discuss how to improve the performance of their software. You might have better chances to get an answer to your question in a discussion forum about Windows 7 or about your graphics card.

Kind regards

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Use your BIOS settings in order to allocate more RAM to integrated graphic card.

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