Intel Rapid Start Technology

Intel Rapid Start Technology

I would like to take advantage of the Intel Rapid Start Technology but am confused by the instructions.I understand I first have to enable it in the BIOS. I then have to create a partition on my SSD. I am however confused by the wording in the motherboard manual.It says that 8GB's DRAMM is optimal for IRST. But does that mean an 8GB partition or does that mean 8GB of RAM installed on the motherboard. On the one hand it sounds like they're saying you should make a partition equal to how much memory you have installed (16GBs) but on the other hand they say it should be no more than 8GBs.Please help this confused and tired geek get this done right :-(Thanks in advance!!

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What is "Intel Rapid Start Technolog"? I'm newer in Intel Plataform.

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