How we can communicate to Linux with the FPGA?

How we can communicate to Linux with the FPGA?

Hi, I know there are some drivers to use the peripherals of the board but to communicate with the FPGA what drivers we can use?Best Regards,

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Any ideas?Cheers,

read the pcie device driver zlge6x5c-mfd.c

Do you have any manual with the explanation about how to use this driver? because the driver lack of comments and I don't know what functions use....Greetings

An example of his use, please.Cheers,

recommend a bookEssential Linux Device Drivers

Well thank you.... I was hoping you can give me a hello world program example using the driver to communicate with the FPGA; a point of reference or something like that. Because I'm a beginner in Linux and I don't know if it is worth reading all the book or only reading some chapters.Cheers,

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