assertion failed: ../avcrt/rootobj.cpp

assertion failed: ../avcrt/rootobj.cpp

my code is working fine on the development machine where visualstudio, fortran and av are located. But, when I move it to another machine - even one with av installed I get an assertion error. Does anyone know how to prep the binary or configure the bat file so that the correct libraries are available?

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You probably need, at least, the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables installed on the other computer. Which version of Visual Studio are you using?


the whole point is to be able to take the exe file to another computer and execute it there without VS, compilers, etc. I don't mind taking a library or two, but certainly not the development environment. The whole code is in Fortran, not C. The message indicates that the exe cannot find the AV library. I don't know how to "package it." If I try the same experiment with the sample codes (e.g., xyzgraphics) I get the same message.

I use VS 2010/Intel Fortran 12.1 and AV 3.3. Perhaps I am not linking with the right options to make the exe self standing.

I figured it out - by trial and error once again. To run the code that has av calls on another machin one must install the runtine envirnment. That is not a surprise - - however on my test machine (which is W7-64) I installed the 64 version of AV. I got the assertion failed error. I got the same error ona machin that had NOTHING installed. I went back to the machine where it worked and nulled thge path and it worked. I see no system environment variable there either. So I went back to the test machine and installed the 32 bit AV - the same one I use for development. It works.

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