operations with polynomial

operations with polynomial

I'm using G++ 4.6.2 and visual C++ 2010.
Currently using G++ 4.6.2 only addition and subtraction of polynomials is using the packed double instructions.
Any hint on how to achieve the same for multiplication and divison.

And then there is the operation of "apply":

Having a polynomial z(y) and one y(x):

z = ay + by*y + cy*y^2 + dy*y^3 + ...

y = ax + bx*x + cx*x^2 + dx*x^3 + ...

The task is to get z(x).

Currently I'm using a class containing a double array containing the coefficients.

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I havethree questions:

- How many terms are in your polinomials?
- Did you try to substitute 'y' in thepolynomial 'z' and thento do normalization?
- Do you have a simple C++test case?

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Quoting foelsche@sbcglobal.net...And then there is the operation of "apply"...
Could you provide more details? Is'apply' a method declared and implementedin your class?

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