Stopping bodies falling.

Stopping bodies falling.

CLOSED- Had damping at the bottom of the method. Sorry.Hi,I want to fix bodies in mid air, but I do not want to them to be fixed in the x or z component.At the moment, I'm using an action, here is the applyAction

force.setMul4(-1,rb->getWorld()->getGravity() );


	// Apply the gravity force.

	if(rb->getPosition()(1) < mOldPos(1))


		rb->setLinearVelocity(hkVector4(rb->getLinearVelocity()(0),0,rb-     >getLinearVelocity()(2)) );

		rb->applyForce( stepInfo.m_deltaTime, hkVector4(0,force(1),0) ) ;

This works, but I would prefer to just balance the forces, however if I do that the box rises.

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