New Version 0.7 of Intel(R) Concurrent Collections for C++ available

New Version 0.7 of Intel(R) Concurrent Collections for C++ available

A new version of Intel Concurrent Collections for C++ is available!

Please visit our web-page to download the latest version (0.7), browse tutorials, papers and presentations about Intel Concurrent Collections for C++.

To stay in touch with the Intel Concurrent Collections team and the community, we provide a new email-list you can subscribe to or just watch online:

Highlights of this release:

  • Extended and improved support for distributed memory
    • Works with Intel MPI 4.0.1 and later (or plain sockets)
    • Tuning capabilities for adjusting the distribution plan
    • Get-counted garbage collection
    • Tag-ranges
    • Samples
  • Support for profiling with Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector (distributed and shared memory)
  • Added API for expressing producer/consumer relationships as well as for controller/controlee relationship
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved API separates semantics from tuning
    (but make this release incompatible with previous versions)

More details can be found on the CnC web-page and the release notes.

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Congratulations with the new release!The API modifications are agreat improvement.

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