missing mpivars.sh in intel-compilerprof-256-12.1-7 when running mpirun

missing mpivars.sh in intel-compilerprof-256-12.1-7 when running mpirun

Hi, I'm trying to run the mpirun tool packaged insideintel-compilerprof-256-12.1-7 [1]. When I try to execute it I see a warning message about a missing mpivars.sh file [2], and it seems is not provided on that package [3].

I would try to get the stand-alone MPI library, but I think someone else will stumble into this issue.




$ rpm -qf




line 86: /opt/intel/composer_xe_2011_sp1.7.256/mpirt/bin/intel64/mpivars.sh: No
such file or directory

WARNING: Unable to read mpd.hosts
or list of hosts isn't provided. MPI job will be run on the current machine


$ locate mpivars.sh


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Hi Andres,

The tool you list here, shipped with the Intel Compilers, is only used by the Co-array Fortran scripts. It is not meant to be used separately, as far as I know.

Instead, you should download the free runtime libraries, available for download from the Intel MPI Library product pages, click on the Resources tab, then look under Downloads.


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