Intel HAXM

Intel HAXM

As on this date, Android has released till ADT-16, But Intel HAXM requires the Android SDK (version 17 or higher)Weird, Any other Alternative to add HAXM???

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Hi, Venomvender,

If your host system is Windows or IOS, Youcan follow the simpletwo steps below to get Android SDK r17 and make it work for HAXM:
1. Go to: to download r17 preview and install it per Google instruction
2.Start Eclipse, then Window--> Android SDK Manager --> Select Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager under Extras and install it. Then you are ready to go

If your host system is Linux ( e.g. Ubuntu), you can follow the steps described here:How to Start Intel Hardware-assisted Virtualization (hypervisor) on Linux to Speed-up Intel Android x86 Gingerbread Emulator

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you can install from the SDK manager in eclipse

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