Intel GMA 4500m / Graphic Memory

Intel GMA 4500m / Graphic Memory


I'll try to tell You,what problems i got! Hope You will help me somehow!

1th. I cant turn off VSync in my Intel GMA 4500m 3D Graphic Options, there is only 2 options..

* Application Settings
* ON

Driver is GMA 4500m [ no HD ]
Maybe there is some older driver what i can use and witch have VSYNC OFF option?!

2nd. Graphics and video memory!

Minimum graphics is 32 MB
Maximum graphics is 1324 MB

Total available Graphics memory 1324 MB
Dedicated Video Memory is 64 MB
Shared system memory 1260 MB

Can i increase "Dedicated Video Memory" to 256 MB in BIOS?

Operative system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Laptop: Samsung RV510 with Intel Graphics

There is option where i can change it from 64 / 128 / 256 MBs , but it's available only with WIN XP.
How can it be, if I Buy laptop with Win 7 and INTEL graphics!?

P.S. Sorry for my language and sorry,if im posting in wrong forum!

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Let us go serially.

Firstly it is better to update all your Intel drivers so that you can best performance out of your hardware.

Problem 1:I cant turn off VSync in my Intel GMA 4500m 3D Graphic Options, there is only 2 options..

You can get a stepwise answer to problem 1 in the link below

Problem 2:Graphics and video memory!

You can get a detailed scheme of DVMT capacities of various Intel GMA series. You can properly make a decision wheather you want to make a DVMT transfer of 256MB on your system

I have provided you with the link which will provide you some assistance on your problem

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