how to configure Microsoft Visual Studio to work with Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5

how to configure Microsoft Visual Studio to work with Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5

I am a beginner of OpenCl user.
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack1(64bit operating system) is installed in my PC.
Intel OpenCl SDK1.5 is succesfully installed. And Intel OpenCl SDK Offline Compiler is workable.However, I cannot setup Microsoft Visual Studio. In my PC, Visual Studio 2010 is installed. On page 16 of "Intel OpenCL SDK User's Guide", Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is available. So, project property is not seen in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Here, I have two questions to compile and execute a program.
Is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 available instead of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008?
May I understand that OpenCl compiler and linker are linked in Microsoft Visual Studio Environment?

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I would like to answer my questions.

First, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is available. In my PC, Visual C++ 2010 Express is available and Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 is necessary because of 64 bit operating system.

Second, there is no template to apply Visual Studio configuration to all new projects. Every new project requires to configure properties.


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