Not sure I've posted this in the correct forum...

Not sure I've posted this in the correct forum...

I have a concept that is patent pending in the financial services sector. I am not from the industry nor do I understand the technical language, hence why I need help. I need help/direction in building out my concept and taking it from concept to a working prototype to show investors. Tied in w/POS, loyalty programs, cloud storage, etc. Not for any specific industry, but intended to be rolled out by chains (i.e. Costco, McDonald's, Kroger/Ralphs, at a time). Any suggestions on how I can get the ball rolling? Thank you.

If I've posted in the wrong forum, can somone please help redirect me to the right place? Thanks!


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It's like two years ago... anyway - you should have posted it to the Business Forum; it was much more active back then and somebody would have definitely helped you with this matter.

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