configuring listen port

configuring listen port

I want to configure the listen port for a Proxy SOAE Workflow. As I
understand the listen port for the workflow is driven by the listen port
of the webservice ex: For example, a service configured on
http://tomcatHost:5888/axis2/services/Calculator would listen on
http://[IP address of Intel SOAE instance]:5888/

Is there a way I can change the listen port to be something other than 5888 for such a service?

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Sure, there's two ways to do that. Either update the service section of the WSDL that defines the proxy interface in Services Designer and redeploy the app bundle to the runtime. Or just go into the config in the runtime web interface, edit the config and select the input server. Edit this and you will be able to set the port and interface mapping etc. Save and close the config and it will listen on the new port.


- Pete

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