Developer at Havok who knows about .dll link between 3ds max and DirectX 11.

Developer at Havok who knows about .dll link between 3ds max and DirectX 11.

Excuse me
to post on this forum for Havok, because I'm used to Havok.

Where is the Forum for graphics such as Direct3D 11? Because I can't find the downloading of Conv3DS.exe that is a software which converts the files with type
".3ds" into files with type ".x", perhaps it is exceeded. Also, I want to have the new features (The file type
".3ds" is old but ".max" is new).

If possible, I want to know how did you do to convert ".max" into ".sdkmesh"(ID3DX11Mesh)
instead of ".x"?
I know that there exist developers at Havok who know about the things that I'm currently asked because I have already seen Havok Content Tool where the .dll link between 3ds Max and DirectX 11 is well.

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No idea really.
A quick google turns up the msdn forums maybe?

I have already tried to create my Account Registration on www.msdn.combut I can't create it, because the Postal code 101that I put is invalid (The Country/Regionis always United States). Can you give me another example of Postal code, just to create my Account (I willmake correct the Postal code in the future), or do you know another Forum?

I'm still waiting your reply about [".max" into ".sdkmesh"], and thank you.

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