Another compiler crash

Another compiler crash

when I try to build the following code with either the offline or runtime compiler, it crashes in clang_compiler.dll.

float3 func()
float4 a = (float4)(1,1,1,1);
float4 b = (float4)(2,2,2,2);
float3 c = (float3)a / b.x;
return c;

The problem is in casting float4 to float3, which according to the specification is illegal.
When I change that line into
float3 c = / b.x;
then it compiles fine.

OS: Win7 64-bit
CPU: Core i5
Version: latest (1.1) (Please consider displaying a revision of the SDK on the download page to simplify referring to the exact version here in

Could you fix this? The compiler should never crash.
Best regards,
Jiri Matejka

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Thanks for reporting this issue,We will check this and return with resolution soon.Arnon

Thanks for this report. It is a bug in the compiler. We will fix in future releases.
Thanks, Shiri

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