Plans for SINIT modules to be included with system BIOS?

Plans for SINIT modules to be included with system BIOS?


It is my understanding that ultimately TXT-capable systems will include an SINIT module with their OEM BIOS image, so that the only reason to provide one explicitly for, e.g., tboot, would be if a newer version / bugfix became available.

Is this still the case?

Is there any timeline for when we might see systems configured thusly?

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PS: first! ;-)

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Hi Jon,
I asked the Security team to respond to your question and one of them has given me the following response:

All servers with TXT support, after WSM-EP, will include the SINIT ACM in flash/BIOS. This may also apply to some workstations. For various reasons, client platforms are not likely to include SINIT in flash even though the TXT architecture supports it. Ultimately, it is an individual OEM's decision whether to include SINIT in flash.

So it seems there is some good news. If you have any other questions about TXT, please feel free to ask.


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