Videos out of Sync after uploading to Youtube or Facebook

Videos out of Sync after uploading to Youtube or Facebook

I encoded a video with Adope Premiere CS5 and the Intel Media SDK Encoder. After uploading the video to Youtube and Facebook they where out of sync. The encoded video is ok (with Media Player Classic).

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It seems the issue you are facing is due to limitaitons in the media transcoding process/tools performed by Youtube and Faceboook when uploading and processing the of the file to be published. I have no clue if those tools have specific requirements on media that can be uploaded.

We have verified that encoded media (using the plug-in) plays back well in common media player tools (such as WMP an VLC), which is what you are experiencing also.


Petter, according to the info I have found on the net, Youtube and Facebook use ffmpeg so any video incompatible with ffmpeg will be incompatible with Youtube and Facebook.

More info here:

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