New Version?

New Version?

With the 2.7 version of SOAE released, is there a new commandline processor going to be available?Is there any effort to make the commandline processor output in some way that will be compatible with Oxygen?'d like to run a set of XSLT unit tests I have developed for the XSLT i use in a SOAE Bundle. The tests complete correctly using the saxon EE parser built into Oxygen but running them with the current commandline tool, they get some failures, but I don't really have an indication why.

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I will check into whether there is any possibility of doing this.

To clarify the Oxygen integration, do you mean the message output? It appears that it's easy to plug in any command line process and get the output document given the way you specify the command line in Oxygen.

yes the message output would be nice to see.

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