Hardware Virtualization. Statistics. Presentation.

Hardware Virtualization. Statistics. Presentation.

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Dear All

In my research I deal with hardware virtualisation (HV) on Intel and AMD PC and servers.

I really need some statistics on increasing number of computers with HV.

I am aware of the fact that now all new computers support virtualisation. The thing is that I have to include the official data on this fact to prevent questions from the Committee.

I mean the data like

amount of sales of computers supporting virtualisation in the last 3-5 years

the share of computers supporting virtualisation in the total number of computers in 2011.

Have you come across a bar graph or a pie chart on this issue maybe in Intel's reports?

I haven't found anything of this kind on the Internet.

I would be really gratefull if you could help me with this.


Igor Korkin

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Hi Igor,

Perhaps you could look toindustry research organizations like IDC or Gartnerfor this kind of information.

Note thatall Intel-based servers have had VT-xsince 2005-2006.So you canassume that all new systems shipped since about 2007will have hardware virtualization support.

David Ott

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