EPT violation

EPT violation


The system with 4KB_page EPT and 2MB_page Host page tables works successfully without any failures. However, when it is switched to 4KB-page EPT and 4KB-page host page tables, EPT violation always occurs with exit qualification 0x184 and the guest physical address causing EPT violation points to the guest RIP address. Any ideas for it?

Does it matter when I build the system with different page size for host page tables?

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This exit qualification indicates that the EPT violation occurred due to an attempt to fetch an instruction from a guest-physical address that is not present in the EPT page structures.

Youshould check the guest-physical address reported by the VM exit (VMREAD 2400H in 64-bit mode) and see how it is translated through the EPT paging structures. If the EPT paging structures produce a valid translation for that guest-physical address, youshould notify us.

David Ott

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