false leaks reported on Win 7 32bit VS2010 ?

false leaks reported on Win 7 32bit VS2010 ?

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I'm seeing what looks like false leaks related to the allocation of the crtheap:

  1. Kernel Resource Leak : heapinit.c @ _heap_init(void)
    1. _crtheap = HeapCreate()
  2. Critical Section handle leak : ioinit.cL280 @ _ioinit()
    1. 279 if ( !InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount( &pio->lock,
      280 _CRT_SPINCOUNT ))
  3. repeat in osfinfo.c:93 @ _alloc_osfhnd()
  4. memory leak: malloc.c:54 @ _heap_alloc()
    1. 54 return HeapAlloc(_crtheap, 0, size ? size : 1);

This is compiled in Debug mode. I'm aware that this product is unsupported on Win7 but that's a pretty lame cop out.

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Are you using VTune Amplifier 2011 or VTune Amplifier XE 2011? VTune Amplifier XE 2011 can support Visual Studio* 2010 on Windows 7*, and you can add "excluded module(s)" (e.g. MSVCR100D.dll) in "Project Properties" dialog (scroll down to bottom of window). So you will not see these leak reports again. Is it reproducible if you compile with Release mode, but add symbol information? Regards, Peter

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