Which Processors are supported

Which Processors are supported

Hello!When attempting to access the release notes or the technical requirements for this tool, I just get redirected back to the main page. When using PMT 6.32 it says my processor isn't supported, and need to find out what type of machine I /can/ use PMT on.Any help would be most appreciated!Thanks!EDIT 4:00PM PST:I found somewhere that this product seems to only run on Pentium 4's. In the case that I can't get it analyzing an application on any of my machines, how can I go about analyzing a trace made by VTune?Thanks ahead of time for any help!

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Joshua - wow. There has been little interest outside of Intel for PMT so we have not updated the version that is out there since the Core 2 Duo days. The latest version has support for all the latest Intel processors but is only available inside Intel. I will make the effort to push this through the committees to get it outside of Intel but it may be a while. In the meantime, VTune or Amplifier (available with Parallel Studio) are the closest cousins to the PMT software.

Thanks for your interest.

Bob Davies

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