ippiResize* performance problem (STATIC library to build customized DLL)

ippiResize* performance problem (STATIC library to build customized DLL)

For any size of images, IPP 7.0.3 is 10% slower than IPP 6.1.x to resize by ippiResize*(IPPI_INTER_SUPER) and ippiResize*(IPPI_INTER_CUBIC) functions.

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Are you using ippiResize_ functions or ippiResizeSqrPixel_ function?

ippiResize function is depreciated, and need to be replaced by ippiResizeSqrPixel_ function.


Dear Chao

EvenippiResize_ functionswas depreciated and no update, on a Core 2 Duo CPU should be the same speed as usual. Why it become slow?



Hi Bell,

I checked with the function owner, no change on source code of this function. No quit sure if the compiler update will bring a little performance impact for this particular function. Since this is depreciated, no update/optimization will happen on this function, any particular reason that you want to use this function other than move the ippiResizeSqrPixel_ function.


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