Will the solution be unique?

Will the solution be unique?

Is the problem guaranteed to have one unique solution? It is possible to construct problems in whicih the solution is non-unique (e.g. two circles on a large field), but will the problems presented to the entires have unique solutions? If not, is any solution acceptable?

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In general masyu puzzles can have many solutions. For example, a large board with 1 white counter - there are many loops that pass through this one counter, and so many possible solutions.But of course the Judges may create a puzzle that has just one solution.Naturally, the judges will give the answer, but my guess is that any solution is valid, since there were no details given on selecting solutions (e.g. shortest path).

Even for puzzles with unique solutions, the starting point of the loop is arbitrary; hopefully the judges are clever anough to deal with that :-)

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