How does Inpector XE compare to Rational Purify?

How does Inpector XE compare to Rational Purify?

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We are currently invested in Purify for memory analysis, which supports memory pooling and custom memory managers. Purify has significant overhead at runtime, and we were hoping to improve this using Inspector XE. However, the intro video states runtime multipliers in about the same range for Inspector XE as for Purify.

Are there any other features that would differentiate Inpector XE from Purify?


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Intel Inspector XE not only provides memory analysis, but also provides thread analysis - for multithreaded application.

In order to reduce overhead at runtime, the user can exclude modules (sometime they are system modules, compiler's runtime libraries, and third-party libraries, etc) to speed up analyzing time.

For Windows system, please use Dependency Walker ( to know what modules depends on your executable.

For Linux system, use utility "ldd" to know dependency modules of executable.

Modify Inspector XE's Project Properties to add items to "Exclude modules". See below:

Regards, Peter

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