Intsallation problem

Intsallation problem

when i want to install the clusterstudio on SLES10 the installer don't offer
the c++ and fortran compiler, just the mpi toolkit...

1. Finish component selection

2. [x] Intel Cluster Tools 2011 for Linux*
3. [x] Intel MPI Library
4. [x] Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
5. [x] Intel Math Kernel Library 10.3 for Linux*
(for applications running on IA-32)
6. [x] Intel Math Kernel Library 10.3 for Linux*
(for applications running on Intel 64)
7. [x] Intel MPI Benchmarks
[x] Intel Cluster Studio Common Files (required)

however my license is good

CLMKern CLMKernL DbgL FCompL IClsTktL ITrAnlL ITrAnlW ITrColL \\
MKern MKernL MPass MPassL PerfPrimL ThreadBB"

So the devel package are not installed, there are not ifort; icc .....


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Hi Paul,

It looks like you have an old license file.
Please go to the Registration Center, select Cluster Studio, choose "Manage" - you'll see a license file. Make sure that there is "ArBBL" in the text. If so, press "Resend" button.
If there is no "ArBBL" choose Cluster Studio product, then "Upgrade" and Cluster Studio again. You'll get new license file. Re-install with this new license file - everything should be OK.

Please let me know if the problem still exists.


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