autoconfiguration/discovery on Itanium processors

autoconfiguration/discovery on Itanium processors

I am not sure I am in the right place so please redirect me if need be. We have an HP zx6000/rx2600/zx2000

EFI version 1.10 [14.61]
EFI64 Running on Intel Itanium Processor Family
EFI 1.10 IPF zx6000/rx2600/zx2000 1.22 [Thu Mar 11 14:22:35 2004] - HP

With 4 SCSI buses, and 2 Fibre Channel HBA's. The problem is that there are 900 disks on the fibre channel and when the machine powers up it does auto discovery/auto config of all the disks. Is there a way to only map the boot device and a backup boot device?


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Since this is not a software development issue, I would recommend asking this question at the Intel Support Community:

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