Effect of freezing on Lithium Ion Batteries

Effect of freezing on Lithium Ion Batteries

A quick google search reveals conflicting opinions on whether or not
this will have a negative impact on battery life. I carry my laptop
outdoors with me every day on my walk from the train to the hospital, do
I need to worry about the cold ruining my battery?

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I know by my own experience that batteries last shorter when it is cold. But I can't say that I have encountered any long term issues so far. So I can't tell you if there will be some permanent damage or loss of capacity :(


I have moved this thread to our catchall forum, since we do not have a forum devoted to this topic. The Intel Software Network is for topics related to software development. For issues related to laptop batteries, we recommend you contact your system integrator. They will have detailed information about the proper operation and storage temperatures for your devices.

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