do we have adnroid foryo support for multicore?

do we have adnroid foryo support for multicore?

I know android is built on linux kernel and all linux kernel versions after2.6 has smp support.

My qn is:
1) DOes android took the smp support from the linux kernel?
2) Do we need to set some configure option or we have to add some code to make it compatible with multicore?

Thank you in advance...

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You can find out more development information on Intel Architecture for Android* apps. Go to the link below.


Android* Apps on Intel Architecture

Get on the ground floor of creating amazing apps for the mobile technology of tomorrow. When you optimize your app for Android on the Intel Architecture platform, you are opening the door to a new world of opportunities. Harness the power and performance of the platform and deliver a whole new generation of apps to mobile users.

Android* Forum support:

Linux 2.6 is having SMP support multicore and for Android till gingerbread it is not there.. and i m not sure about the secone que.

Gingerbread is more faster and more bug-free, but froyo was smoother than GB.

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