cilk reducers other than oppadd

cilk reducers other than oppadd

using Cilk redicers other than opadd.

Arethere some rules and example code for using Cilk reducers other than opadd? Is there a link that goes into detail on how to use them?


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Let me rephrase the question. The Intel Cilk++ Programmer's Guide (No. 322581-001US) contain a chapter discussing reducers and uses the opadd reducer in several examples. They use another example besides oppadd butother examplesof reducers are limited.

I was just hoping that I could see some other examples of Cilk++ code using reducers that are different from what is in the Programmer's Guide.

If there are any examples please give me the link and/or reproduce them in a reply to this post.

Sorry to have to repose the question, but reducers take timeto undertstand. The more varied the examples the better.

Thank you for your time.


Here's a link to the Intel Cilk Plus documentation. Reducers are pretty much the same in Intel Cilk++ and Intel Cilk Plus.

- Pablo

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