6300ESB watchdog header (iwdtlib.h)

6300ESB watchdog header (iwdtlib.h)


I'm trying to write some code to utilize the 6300ESB watchdog driver (iwdtlib.sys & iwdtlib.dll) under Windows. The API doc mentions the header file iwdt.h and there is another mentioned in a separate doc with the name iwdtlib.h

I cannot find either header file. Can you please direct me to where I might locate them?

brent bartson

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Hi Brent,
I found the iwdt.h file in the Embedded Drivers for Linux that might help you. If this does not help, you mightwant to contact Intel Customer Support for Intel 6300ESB ICH Chipset related topic. There is a Live Chat Support at the link provided below:

Intel Customer Support: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=chipset


Thank you. However, I've looked at this header file and it is not the proper header file.

Brent Bartson

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