Editor for .cdf files

Editor for .cdf files


Could you please point me to an editor you used to edit the scenes (Demo.cdf for example)? It is quite hard to edit the xml by hand and update all the systems for any object added. I see that you have an inhouse osm2cdf converter, Any pointers to how I can edit the osm files? Any help would be greately appreciated.


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Yes, the XML is hard to edit by hand, but for most scene editing tasks, that's going to be the best you have - sorry! We usually use a highlighting editor, like the one in Visual Studio, for editing and modifying the various .?df definition files, but use your XML editor of choice.
When we defined the scenes in the first place, our artist used an Ogre Scene Manager plugin to his authoring tool (3D Studio Max) that emitted .osm files. The osm2cdf.pl script (which gets compiled to osm2cdf.exe) converts straight across from one form to the other. So, this is great if you have composed your scene using a similar workflow as we did the first time, otherwise it's not much help. We have made incremental changes to the cdf files directly, without going back to the original scene.
Some sample .osm files can be found in most Smoke releases in the media\graphics folder. You can also find a variety of sample scene .cdf files in the bin folder.
We looked into writing our own .cdf-file scene editor, but never got around to it.

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